Wednesday, July 25, 2012

{Style File} Arm Candy

I've been obsessed with stacking bracelets. I loved mixed metals. I think gold and silver go together especially if there is some pink in there.

I've always had a serious aversion to watches. I've never owned one. 
However, I'm thinking of committing to a rose gold Michael Kors in the near future. 

So tell me....too much or not enough?

via pinterest

MY GOD...where is that love bracelet from?? I'm going to search Etsy.

Oh that I have the Kate Spade, I stack it with my pink Juicy Couture, a Tiffany heart I have never taken off and a sliver custom "Elephant Tail" from a jeweler in my college town.

I wear all that piled on one arm. The other arm is always bare.

I think I need a watch to round it out. Time will tell!

Love and jewelry,

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Ok. I'm gonna confess. I love that florescent colors are back. I LOVE IT.

My mother asked me if I'd ever been to a Ross. As in...Ross "Dress for Less."

Um, no. Ross sounded cheap. I do love a bargain sure, let's go. Bring on the cheap.

Imagine my surprise when I found this color blocked florescent dress and the capri pants for $14.99. YES. I said that correctly. Fifteen smackaroos. For both. Sold.

I know it looks like I have no feet. 

I love the hot orange/coral color. Love the color-blocking with the yellow.

I threw on my Tory Burch Sunnies 

And my Tory flippies

And BOOM. Outfit done. Not too shabby!

Anyone else score a killer deal at a discount store??


Monday, July 23, 2012

Goodwill Hunting

Before we went to see Batman yesterday on a rainy afternoon, Hubs was kind enough to let me roam around in Goodwill for a half hour.

Sights to be seen:

Ok...let's talk about this shelving unit. It was one massive piece. 99 bucks. 
If Paul and I had a house, this would have come home with us. 

With a slap of white or brown paint it would be a dead ringer for a Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel.

I have three mirrored trays in my home already and if this one didn't have a big scratch for $7.99 it would have come home with me.

The pair of these caned chairs was $19.99. The chrome was in excellent shape and with a can of spray paint they would have been awesome. AWESOME. 

This mirror was about 18X24 and beautiful. It has a $12.99 price tag.
If only there had been two to hang above our nightstands!!

Who doesn't need a Murano Glass Rooster??

The only thing I took home and it was .99 cents. It has an awesome silver sparkle to it.

Shits and giggles...a huge Meredith tote. 

YES. That is a vintage Chanel in the case. A REAL ONE. 
Who donates Chanel? I mean, really??

All in all, I'm thrilled with my new little tray. Gotta find just the right spot for it!