Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

Hope you all had a restful and fun weekend!

True Blood is always the marker that the weekend is OVAH. Damn that Sookie Stackhouse! But yay for Eric!

Friday night we watched Super Crocodile on National Discovery on the Netflix. Epic. I saw a croc eat a zebra. Yes. A ZEBRA. I am so immature that I get excited for shows that involve animals attacking people and/or other animals or shows about hillbillies. When the two worlds in Swamp People (if you have Netflix, go watch it NOW)'s pure joy. 

Anyways. Saturday we lounged poolside. Poodle loves being in the water now. He also found a new favorite place to hang out. 

Just a dog and his gator.

Hubs got an amazing recipe for homemade pizza bread and whipped up an amazing homemade pizza. He even made the sauce. 


We watched the re-boot of Conan the Barbarian Saturday night which was so riddled with inconsistencies it was hilarious. If you loved Game of Thrones then saying it starred "Khal Drogo" will make sense to you. And he was the only good part. Not his acting. His abs.

Moving on. Slept late Sunday morning. Paul made me breakfast and then we went Goodwill Hunting. I got a few new mommy-planning books and something I've been dying to read for a while:

The title alone makes me laugh.

I'll most likely tear through it in a day or two and have a book review up! 

We watched a documentary on the World Monopoly Championship last week (yes, nerds from around the globe compete in Monopoly tournaments. Who knew?) Anyways- as I'm searching for treasure at the GW I came across these bizarre beauties for .99 cents each. 

A little cleanup and Ebay here we come!

I also discovered the AWESOME Downton Abbey on the Netflix. Such an incredibly produced show. Paul even watched it with me. Historical, scandalous and so fun to say "Masterpiece Theatre" with a British accent!

Love you Mr. Bates! 

All in all a wonderfully relaxing sunny weekend with my love! 

Now, I must get through 5 days of work before my 3 day birthday!

Pip Pip Cheerio!

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