Sunday, July 15, 2012


I love my birthday!!! Even though it's tomorrow why not make it an weekend long event!

Paul and I started off the morning at Losta Lobster. They give you a free lobster on your birthday!

Took these three babies home with us:

Yes, they screamed when we put them in the pot. Paul didn't want me to name them either. Seemed cruel, no?

I have a tradition that I have Alaskan King Crab on my birthday. It's the Seattleite in me that refuses to leave. So a dear friend in Seattle shipped me this all the way from Pike Place Market:

From my favorite place ON EARTH!  

Oh Hello My Lovlies! 

My amazing husband cooked up quite the feast for us. Momma, Papa, sister and brother in my handsome baby nephew got to devour all this:

Weight Watchers here we come! 

Paul had my cake made for today even though tomorrow is my real birthday. It was fabulous!!!

My husband gets me the best cakes!

Blurry (thanks mom) but still a good smile from my husband!

My sister got me some more AWESOME OPI nail polishes and manicure supplies. I'm going to re-paint my nails tonight and I'll show you guys tomorrow. 

And Paul got me the L.L. Bean canvas tote I've wanted forever....and he even had my new initials put on it. In pink!!!

I'm so blessed. Today is the day before my birthday and I get this much love. Wow. 

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!
Lotsa Love!

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