Friday, July 6, 2012


Well folks. I'm in the future. Officially.

Paul's Blackberry died a valiant death. Fell in the river, I revived it with the rice in a bowl trick. Yesterday it went belly up with a white screen of death. Which meant one thing...let's go to AT&T and get new phones!

And wouldn't you know birthday is in two weeks and I've been harping on and on about getting an iPhone for over a year a little while. to AT&T we went.

Hubs asked kindly that I not torture the AT&T employees, but let's face it. That's like asking the ocean to stop making waves. I had LOTS of questions!

But after an hour, and a few eye rolls from Paul...this beautiful new machine was mine!

It needs a name, right? 
Like the white knight or something...

Anyways I bid farewell to my Crackberry Blackberry. Wouldn't you guess that AT&T offered to buy it back for the bargain basement price of $29.99!!!

After I wipe it, up on Craigslist it goes. Farewell BB. You and I, we had a good run.

Taken with Instagram! Finally!!!

Oh! And you know what? I've been scouring Etsy for iPhone covers. Would you believe they are custom done and half the price of the ones in the stores?? Then again....I may have to look at Tory Burch's covers. Swoon. 

Dear iPhone, 
I think we are going to be together for a mighty long time. 

I love you. Be my bestie forever. 
Love, Rae.

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  1. I know you loved my iPhone cover (and I take a little of the blame since I recently got one and you loved it when I visited) - let me know if you want the pink sparkly one and I can send you the link :)