Thursday, July 12, 2012

{Thursday Thoughts} Obsessions

Let's talk fun stuff! Current obsessions? 

Making coffee at home

Hubs always brews my coffee at night. He puts it in the fridge over night so I have iced coffee ready to go in my pink leopard Tervis Tumber for work in the morning.

We buy the big bag at the Wal-Mart because the cost is nearly $2.50 less than Publix or Sweet Bay Grocery Stores. It lasts forever and we pay on average about .25 cents per 24 ounce tumbler. Nice!

DND brand people. I have a poodle named Duncan for crying out loud. 

 OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection

I've been wearing these three shades for over a month now and haven't rotated back in my other favorite colors. They are that good!
Love me some Minnie!


I've been wearing my new Kate Spade NY Bow earrings with a ton of outfits. Even ones that don't totally match (don't judge! I'm being fashion-forward!) 

Not to scale, obvi.

Amazeballs. $54 in the store. Marked half off at the the Kate Spade Outlet. Then marked down again to $14. How cute. I mean, to die for right? 

My bday is right around the corner. I'm hint hint cough cough hopefully getting the matching gold and pick bracelets.... and if I push my luck...the Kate Spade pink and coral enamel bracelet too!


Yes, yes I know. What's the big deal right? 

IT IS AWESOME. I feel like a hipster even though I'm not even close!

Hello, my name is Rae and I am an Instagram addict. 

I'm still figuring it all out. But I sure do love it. I'm will most likey be peppering this blog with my Instagram shots. Be prepared. 

Or G-Dub as I call it

East Coast Florida Goodwill might as well be an Anne Taylor, a Coach or a Macy's. 

If you told me when I lived in Seattle and I shopped at Nordstrom's that I would be shopping at a Goodwill I would have laughed in your face. But I love it! 

If I found a Coach Day Planner for .99 cents would you hate me? Because I DID FIND ONE!

One more wakeup until the weekend! Happy Almost Friday!
Love, Rae

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