Wednesday, July 25, 2012

{Style File} Arm Candy

I've been obsessed with stacking bracelets. I loved mixed metals. I think gold and silver go together especially if there is some pink in there.

I've always had a serious aversion to watches. I've never owned one. 
However, I'm thinking of committing to a rose gold Michael Kors in the near future. 

So tell me....too much or not enough?

via pinterest

MY GOD...where is that love bracelet from?? I'm going to search Etsy.

Oh that I have the Kate Spade, I stack it with my pink Juicy Couture, a Tiffany heart I have never taken off and a sliver custom "Elephant Tail" from a jeweler in my college town.

I wear all that piled on one arm. The other arm is always bare.

I think I need a watch to round it out. Time will tell!

Love and jewelry,

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