Why the Goat?

My blog name comes from my maiden name combined with my married name. Former Smart. Current Goat. My new last name is Portuguese for "Goat Herder" and I'm not even sure if I'm spelling "herder" correctly!

I'm extremely proud to be my husbands wife. He is simply an amazing man who keeps me laughing, takes great care of me and makes me very happy.

Incorporating goats into my life has been a funny, cheeky way to pay homage to my new last name. The mighty goat is even on our family crest!

Let's get Medieval! 

We met in college in 2005 on a true blind date! We dated for a few months casually before I picked up and moved to Seattle. After 5 years apart, a year of long distance dating and a year of starting over and living together in Florida we go married in November of 2011. I've never been happier!

We make our home in the sunshine state surrounded by our family and one crazy little poodle named Duncan.

I love the line from Sex and the City...where Samantha asks Charlotte how often she's happy- and Charlotte says "Everyday. Not all day everyday. But everyday." That sums our life up nicely!

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