Wednesday, July 25, 2012

{Style File} Arm Candy

I've been obsessed with stacking bracelets. I loved mixed metals. I think gold and silver go together especially if there is some pink in there.

I've always had a serious aversion to watches. I've never owned one. 
However, I'm thinking of committing to a rose gold Michael Kors in the near future. 

So tell me....too much or not enough?

via pinterest

MY GOD...where is that love bracelet from?? I'm going to search Etsy.

Oh that I have the Kate Spade, I stack it with my pink Juicy Couture, a Tiffany heart I have never taken off and a sliver custom "Elephant Tail" from a jeweler in my college town.

I wear all that piled on one arm. The other arm is always bare.

I think I need a watch to round it out. Time will tell!

Love and jewelry,

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Ok. I'm gonna confess. I love that florescent colors are back. I LOVE IT.

My mother asked me if I'd ever been to a Ross. As in...Ross "Dress for Less."

Um, no. Ross sounded cheap. I do love a bargain sure, let's go. Bring on the cheap.

Imagine my surprise when I found this color blocked florescent dress and the capri pants for $14.99. YES. I said that correctly. Fifteen smackaroos. For both. Sold.

I know it looks like I have no feet. 

I love the hot orange/coral color. Love the color-blocking with the yellow.

I threw on my Tory Burch Sunnies 

And my Tory flippies

And BOOM. Outfit done. Not too shabby!

Anyone else score a killer deal at a discount store??


Monday, July 23, 2012

Goodwill Hunting

Before we went to see Batman yesterday on a rainy afternoon, Hubs was kind enough to let me roam around in Goodwill for a half hour.

Sights to be seen:

Ok...let's talk about this shelving unit. It was one massive piece. 99 bucks. 
If Paul and I had a house, this would have come home with us. 

With a slap of white or brown paint it would be a dead ringer for a Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel.

I have three mirrored trays in my home already and if this one didn't have a big scratch for $7.99 it would have come home with me.

The pair of these caned chairs was $19.99. The chrome was in excellent shape and with a can of spray paint they would have been awesome. AWESOME. 

This mirror was about 18X24 and beautiful. It has a $12.99 price tag.
If only there had been two to hang above our nightstands!!

Who doesn't need a Murano Glass Rooster??

The only thing I took home and it was .99 cents. It has an awesome silver sparkle to it.

Shits and giggles...a huge Meredith tote. 

YES. That is a vintage Chanel in the case. A REAL ONE. 
Who donates Chanel? I mean, really??

All in all, I'm thrilled with my new little tray. Gotta find just the right spot for it!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

{Thursday Thoughts} Breaking up is hard to do

No....not what you think!

As we all get older, do you find you "outgrow" certain people? What worked at age 22 doesn't work at age 32 and maybe it's time to say goodbye?

Here is my question- how do you breakup with a friend?

So here is the big dilemma: do you let a friendship "die on the vine"...meaning longer time between talks. Even longer between visits. Eventually the relationship is reduced to sitting at the kitchen table at Christmas time wondering if that person should be dropped from your card list. It just fades out.


Do you have that awkward talk about why the friendship isn't working out anymore? Mind you- by initiating that talk you will be branded as a mega-bitch.

Well. I've done both. As I get older I want more meaning in my life. I want truer friends. So, I've let friendships die on the vine and I've had "the talk."

So I've been labeled as the mega B occasionally. Ok. So be it.

Aren't we all evolving into better versions of ourselves? I mean, for me, that's the goal. I have things about myself I try to work on everyday.

I know nothing is perfect. But when someone is bringing you down instead of lifting you up- shouldn't that person "go?" (Not like cement shoes people! Just not included in your life!)

Well, I do know one thing. The love I feel for my friends is real. It's palpable. And even though we don't get to see each other as often as I'd like- they are there. Even if I can't see them. They're there.

I heard a quote once - probably on Oprah- and it said "You are responsible for the energy you bring into my life." When I heard it, I thought: Am I a bringing negativity into anyone else's life?

So I conscientiously try to be positive and upbeat. And some days I have to fake it until I make it.

I have to clear out the bad and make more room for good. And I want more good. If that means I have to wear a mega-B label occasionally. Fair trade.

It's better to let go and move on than live with someone in your life who brings you down.

People change. People grow away from each other. Sometimes it's better to "break up" than "put up" with people who don't fit into your life anymore.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

{Style File} Kate Spade Part Deux

Ok..So instead of a one big present...I wanted a bunch of little ones. I got my LL Bean Boat & Tote...and....

I got the Kate Spade Take A Bow thin gold bracelet from hubby!

And here is my horrible attempt at hand modeling...

Paul also got me the hot pink Polka Dot iPhone case!

It's the little things that count. Every time I pull my iPhone out of my purse I smile. It's super cute.

I'm so lucky!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

{Style File} Kate Spade

It's no secret my birthday was yesterday-- and Paul took me to the one place he knew would make me smile!

Kate Spade!!

Her store is so inspiring. Makes me want to add more color to my life. And more pink. I can never have enough pink!

Right away I spotted this ensemble in the front window and instantly knew it from "Gal Meets Glam" 

Yes, that shadow at the top is my frizzy hair. 

"Whoever said orange is the new pink is seriously delusional."

I know quoting "Legally Blonde" makes me feel snarky...but I would DIE for one of these totes. Just the perfect shade of "hot orange." We can have hot pink right? Let's just name it hot orange.

Color love. 

Picking a new wallet would be torture!! Red? Yellow? Orange? Green? All of them please!

I live in perfect would a pink flamingo be!!!

Hot pink clutch WITH a gold bow? Yes please!

By far my favorite bag in the store. Next year's birthday perhaps?!

The store itself is just so lively and colorful. I could live there!

And finally...the "jewelry bar"

Yes, one of these lovelies came home with me....
and hubby also bought me one other treat!

I'll post tomorrow and let you see my new treasures! 

Lots of love!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


I love my birthday!!! Even though it's tomorrow why not make it an weekend long event!

Paul and I started off the morning at Losta Lobster. They give you a free lobster on your birthday!

Took these three babies home with us:

Yes, they screamed when we put them in the pot. Paul didn't want me to name them either. Seemed cruel, no?

I have a tradition that I have Alaskan King Crab on my birthday. It's the Seattleite in me that refuses to leave. So a dear friend in Seattle shipped me this all the way from Pike Place Market:

From my favorite place ON EARTH!  

Oh Hello My Lovlies! 

My amazing husband cooked up quite the feast for us. Momma, Papa, sister and brother in my handsome baby nephew got to devour all this:

Weight Watchers here we come! 

Paul had my cake made for today even though tomorrow is my real birthday. It was fabulous!!!

My husband gets me the best cakes!

Blurry (thanks mom) but still a good smile from my husband!

My sister got me some more AWESOME OPI nail polishes and manicure supplies. I'm going to re-paint my nails tonight and I'll show you guys tomorrow. 

And Paul got me the L.L. Bean canvas tote I've wanted forever....and he even had my new initials put on it. In pink!!!

I'm so blessed. Today is the day before my birthday and I get this much love. Wow. 

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!
Lotsa Love!

MOSI On Over

Saturday morning we woke up around 10AM bright and early to go see the Mummy Exhibition at the MOSI in Tampa. MOSI- Museum of Science and Industry.....I think.

First of all, I love Egyptology. (Is Egyptology a word?) Love the study of ancient cultures and all that fun stuff. I did not however realize that besides the cool Mummies of Egypt I would be subjected to ACTUAL MUMMIES.

As in...people dug up from crypts and vaults. It freaked me out! Plus they make you watch a three minute informative video before you're allowed into the exhibit. It talked about how these were real people with real lives and to be quiet and respectful.

Shit. My mother makes this comment shortly before walking in....

"Oh great. It's daddy and a big pussy"

SO....needless to say we were chortling a little bit...

Exhibit was cool...but the gift shop was cooler. Hubs was such a good sport. Lookie what I found!
Nerds in costume.

Next up was lunch. Guess where we went?

HINT: It's a Factory and it involves Cheese. And Cake.

Hubs had never been there. We went to Cheesecake factory for two things:


And, naturally, Cheesecake. Paul and I split the lemon raspberry one. Heaven.

Hellllllo cholesterol. 

All in all. A fun way to spend a Saturday. MOSI'ing around with momma and papa and spending time with hubs. 

Love the last two pics of the day. 

One year of marriage and 38 years of marriage. 

Happy Weekend all! 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

{Thursday Thoughts} Obsessions

Let's talk fun stuff! Current obsessions? 

Making coffee at home

Hubs always brews my coffee at night. He puts it in the fridge over night so I have iced coffee ready to go in my pink leopard Tervis Tumber for work in the morning.

We buy the big bag at the Wal-Mart because the cost is nearly $2.50 less than Publix or Sweet Bay Grocery Stores. It lasts forever and we pay on average about .25 cents per 24 ounce tumbler. Nice!

DND brand people. I have a poodle named Duncan for crying out loud. 

 OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection

I've been wearing these three shades for over a month now and haven't rotated back in my other favorite colors. They are that good!
Love me some Minnie!


I've been wearing my new Kate Spade NY Bow earrings with a ton of outfits. Even ones that don't totally match (don't judge! I'm being fashion-forward!) 

Not to scale, obvi.

Amazeballs. $54 in the store. Marked half off at the the Kate Spade Outlet. Then marked down again to $14. How cute. I mean, to die for right? 

My bday is right around the corner. I'm hint hint cough cough hopefully getting the matching gold and pick bracelets.... and if I push my luck...the Kate Spade pink and coral enamel bracelet too!


Yes, yes I know. What's the big deal right? 

IT IS AWESOME. I feel like a hipster even though I'm not even close!

Hello, my name is Rae and I am an Instagram addict. 

I'm still figuring it all out. But I sure do love it. I'm will most likey be peppering this blog with my Instagram shots. Be prepared. 

Or G-Dub as I call it

East Coast Florida Goodwill might as well be an Anne Taylor, a Coach or a Macy's. 

If you told me when I lived in Seattle and I shopped at Nordstrom's that I would be shopping at a Goodwill I would have laughed in your face. But I love it! 

If I found a Coach Day Planner for .99 cents would you hate me? Because I DID FIND ONE!

One more wakeup until the weekend! Happy Almost Friday!
Love, Rae