Tuesday, July 10, 2012

{Dressed Nest} Day Dreamin'

So, it's no shock that I have to image that I'm rich and famous.

The truth is, we simply don't have the money for me to run out and buy whatever home-goods I want. Especially not AT Homegoods. Seriously. That store is dangerous for my wallet.

Anyways, I try and add one thing at a time. I can be patient, right? I wanted a gray coverlet for our bed. It took forever but I found one for only $50 dollars. I wanted gold trimmed lampshades and I found my gold chevron shades at Target on clearance for $11 each.

While we are still renters, I'm not allowed to change the colors of the walls- which is currently a horrible sea-foam blueish green.

I'm also not allowed to take down the "custom" valances - (I neatly choke when I say custom. They are hideous) and feature a blend of the lovely sea-foam blueish green blended with white lilies of some sort. A style very popular with grannies and people who are blind I would imagine.

In my dreamworld, I'd have mirrored nightstands, beautiful layered bedding in white, light gray and a blush pink and of course monogrammed sheets.

Yup, not gonna happen anytime soon.

Let's look at some of my "bedroom porn"....CALM DOWN PEOPLE. I am talking about pins on Pinterest that make my eyes water out of lust.

First up....light gray, blush pink, gorgeous art and a chandelier? I'd even forgo my mirrored nightstands for those beautifully masculine ones. Close to perfect!

Obsessed with this headboard. LOVE. The wall color. Gorgeous. And the blush lampshades? Ugh...just love. 

Loving the striped sitting bench, the unexpected headboard fabric choice and the crazy awesome ceiling fixture. I would have swapped the curtains for something different though.

Ok...love the pop of blue in the lamps even though it kills me to say so.
Rug choice is amazing. Mirrored nightstands AND hot pink? WIN.

Sigh. Back here in reality?

Clearly...we've got a lot of work to do. 

Sad face.

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