Sunday, July 15, 2012

MOSI On Over

Saturday morning we woke up around 10AM bright and early to go see the Mummy Exhibition at the MOSI in Tampa. MOSI- Museum of Science and Industry.....I think.

First of all, I love Egyptology. (Is Egyptology a word?) Love the study of ancient cultures and all that fun stuff. I did not however realize that besides the cool Mummies of Egypt I would be subjected to ACTUAL MUMMIES.

As in...people dug up from crypts and vaults. It freaked me out! Plus they make you watch a three minute informative video before you're allowed into the exhibit. It talked about how these were real people with real lives and to be quiet and respectful.

Shit. My mother makes this comment shortly before walking in....

"Oh great. It's daddy and a big pussy"

SO....needless to say we were chortling a little bit...

Exhibit was cool...but the gift shop was cooler. Hubs was such a good sport. Lookie what I found!
Nerds in costume.

Next up was lunch. Guess where we went?

HINT: It's a Factory and it involves Cheese. And Cake.

Hubs had never been there. We went to Cheesecake factory for two things:


And, naturally, Cheesecake. Paul and I split the lemon raspberry one. Heaven.

Hellllllo cholesterol. 

All in all. A fun way to spend a Saturday. MOSI'ing around with momma and papa and spending time with hubs. 

Love the last two pics of the day. 

One year of marriage and 38 years of marriage. 

Happy Weekend all! 

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