Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

Hope everyone had a happy and safe Fourth of July!

Look- having the holiday on a Wednesday sucked, didn't it?

I mean, I worked Monday and Tuesday. Then I had Wednesday off. So now today feels like a Monday all over again! BOO!

It was about 100 degrees outside yesterday (ok I'm was like 99 degrees outside) and it was too hot to do anything. We hosted my sister's family for a little pool party and ended up staying inside in the air conditioning for the majority of the day.


1. As always, the Nathan's Annual Hot Dog Contest!

I believe the guy that won, Chestnut, ate 65 dogs in 10 minutes. It's disgusting and glorious to watch at the same time!

2. My nephew had shots the day before so he was a little under the weather...but he looked so dashing. Having a baby around at the holidays is so much more fun. Especially when he is dressed in a red, white and blue plaid romper. Melt my heart.

3. Watching the fireworks live from our nation's capital. My father walked into the room just as the Washington Monument and the Capital Building were being displayed for the hundredth time.

My father asks, "Where is this going on?" just as he sat down.

My mother goes, "Tupulo, Mississippi" without skipping a beat.

I spit out my water!

4. Snuggle time with my husband as our neighbors set off fireworks. We talked about our last two 4th of July's together and fell asleep.


Hurry up weekend!

I hope you all had an amazing day with family, friends and loved ones!

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